The website's admin section has a feature that lets you download a spreadsheet of the current year's data - we then process this and turn it into our catalog and/or addendum, but it also functions as an off-site data backup mechanism. So you have access to your data in this manner anytime you need it.

Is all the data we have online backed up? What happens if your computer breaks?

Yes, I do have a good system of saving all the data from all the churches every night. I keep 10 days of backup history in a rolling format, so that if you do something drastic, the info is available (with some effort, please don't test this for me on a whim - also see Audit Trail). The auction server has dual mirrored hard drives, so that's the first point of safety. The backups are also kept on a folder that I have setup (using DropBox) to be mirrored on several other computers in different locations. I have tested the restore feature (that's how I setup my new laptop with a fairly fresh copy) and it works well, so if something drastic happened to our church, I'd be able to setup a new server using that data.