Listen to a GA 2016 fundraising session...

I was exited to attend UU General Assembly for the first time this year, since it was in my hometown Columbus Ohio.

I submitted a proposal for an auction workshop, but unfortunately it wasn't approved - I guess there is pretty stiff competition. Instead, I went to all the stewardship sessions and (along with a few dedicated UU friends) wore these T-Shirts:

For those of you who weren't able to attend, I found this session particularly interesting.

GA2016 #358 - Innovation and Inspiration for UU Stewardship

AND in case any of you haven't spoken to me by phone, or just wonder what I sound like waxing poetic about auctions, skip to 59:09 for the Q&A portion and you can hear my comment.

Also, it was great to meet a few of you in person (not as many as I'd hoped) - maybe next time in New Orleans!