Bidding Paddles

We use the term "Paddle" number, but some churches use the term "Bidder" or "Ticket" number to identify members.

There is an Internal Codes setting to make that configuration change.

We can either pre-assign these numbers at setup time and leave them alone (there is a report you can print and give to your check-in people). Some churches have the guest write their number in big letters on their printed catalogs, which they raise in the air to make a bid in the live auction.

We have bagfulls of pre-made paper plates with paint sticks attached and numbers written on them. When folks check in, we reach into a bag and pull out a number, then enter it into the "Check In" screen as we go. This gives us a good attendance number, and we can reuse the paddles from year to year.

There is also another internal member ID number which is less frequently needed for some administrative functions, such as moving donated items or purchased items and payments from one member to another, usually to fix duplicates. This internal number is shown on the paddle search results page also on the right hand side - in this example, my internal number is 75:

Check In Page

Enter part of a name, phone, or current Paddle number and press the search button.

Paddle Phone Member Name Id
250 471-3786 Jim Pinkham & Danya Furda 1169 save
0 471-3786 Jim Pinkham 75 save
0 486-2373 Julia Pinkham 987 save

You can also see from this search that I made all my purchases jointly with my wife, but we each (including my sister Julia) offered donations.