How do I change my Admin password

Assuming you still remember the old one.. (otherwise you have to email me )

There is a new screen on the admin menu called "Internal Codes".

This has all sorts of system config type information, most of which has no documentation and you probably don't want to mess with it. (The other item on this screen that you might want to change from time to time is the FOOTER, which often contains the name of the auction chair for the current year).

The "code" for your admin password is called "ADMIN" and your volunteer password is called "VOLUNTEER".

The way those work is, if you put in your phone number and your usual PIN (aka password), you get the usual member-level access to the system, which means you can edit your own donated items and see your own statement (and also link to other statements with the same phone number and edit those too).

If you use the volunteer or admin password in the same place as you'd put the PIN, you get a higher access level and more menu choices - the "My Statement" button goes away, and instead you have the more powerful "Check In" screen, where you can search for anyone's statement, or you can use the catalog to find items and click those links, or you can use the sales screen to go directly to an item's bid sheet by number...etc.