Custom CSS on Home Page

Jim, can we edit any of the css files or add one of our own? I'd like to customize the look of the tables and I think that would be the easiest way.

You can add a notice on the front page with position=-1 and it will go into the page header section instead of the main . So that means you can define and use css styles in your HTML. If you need me to, I can give the elements like the buttons a class name so you could set that to display:none to hide them. Then, you can add a notice that links to your version of a data entry form. This is definitely an advanced feature, so be careful with it! Use Firebug to see how things are setup and have fun.

Note: I got a recent request to 'hide' the catalog and then have it 'reveal' at a certain point. We can do that using this feature to hide the catalog button and menu item (better do the calendar too), combined with the #days feature.