How do I change the donor on an item

The donor on a bid sheet or catalog is the name of the member who donated the item.

Edit donor info

So, to change it, you go to that member's statement (check in screen) and click the Edit link at the top - there you can fix the name, phone, email or address - but of course that will change EVERY ITEM which they donated, because the donor name is part of the member, not the item.

Don't Create new Members with joint names any more

If you want an item to be donated by a group or some such, you'll want to use the new co-donor feature. In the past, we would have created a new member with a name like "Linda Smith & Lulu Jones" to accomplish this. If you still have such members, you may want to move those items to the primary donor (whoever's address is most relevant - this is sometimes 'the church') and then make co-donors for whoever else is relevant (they will all see the item with the buyers on their statement(s).

Move item from one member to another

Edit the item and use the drop-down list at the top to select a new donor name by typing a few letters and then arrow down to select. Press the save button (not the nearby delete button) to accomplish the move.

These "move" and delete features only appear when you edit items signed in as administrator, not volunteer, so that's a good reason not to work as administrator if you don't need to - buttons that aren't shown can't be pressed accidentally.

The item will jump to that other member's statement as if it were entered there originally, and the usual thank you will appear - when you return to the statement, the item should be 'gone'. (That's in case you need to move several items).

That is another way of changing just a single item's name without impacting any others they may have.

Moving purchases

There is also a similar way to move purchases - using both allows you to remove duplicate members - sometimes "Joe & Nancy Smith" attend the auction each year, but one year they got entered as "Nancy & Joe" and purchased a lot of things. There is a Move link that appears on statements that contain purchases and/or payments, and it functions very much like the move described above. Once all of the purchases, payments, and donations for a member have been moved to the 'real' member FOR ALL YEARS ALSO, then you can safely delete the blank member from the Edit link.

Dead Members

We do not usually delete members who have moved or died, because that would also remove their history from others' statements for past years. However, we do usually blank out their email. If their spouse remains and has a separate member, we also change their phone number to all ones to 'un-link' the statements so they won't remain as a link on their statement.

New for 2018 - You can mark members as Inactive now - this will prevent them from appearing on any searches or logging in (there's an override checkbox so you can still find them to re-activate or research if necessary). It's almost as good as deleting them, but this way the history remains intact.