Pre-Auction reports

Report Name Description / comments
Item Spreadsheet This is the starting point for generating a printed catalog using mail merge templates. More customized bid sheets may also be produced using this method. Includes all items from current auction with qty>0.
Member Spreadsheet Use this spreadsheet to sync with your local organization database and/or do mail-merges
Member Report Lists phone, member name, bidding paddle, sale & payment info for all members by last name.
Member Notes Lists phone, member name, and notes for all members by last name.
Item Donor Report Use this to help 'check in' items and keep track of what has/hasn't arrived yet. Also helps to place items where they belong with the proper bid sheet. You may include just physical items, and sort by item or donor.
Prior Donors Identifies donors who have donated items in past years but not (yet) this year. These are the folks you may want to focus your phone-a-thon solicitation efforts on. (Also note we have a corresponding targeted-email recipient checkbox on the Bulk Mail page.)
Category Counts Number of live/silent donations per category. Useful to help choose category colors to use for bid sheets.

Post-Auction reports

Report Name Description / comments
Winning Bids Print winning bids report
Bulk Statements Preview / print statements for auction participants (donors, buyers, with balances, or custom search).
Mailing Labels 3-up Avery 5160 Mailing Lables to go with Statements.
Member Contact Info Labels 3-up Avery 5160 Labels for volunteers to contact potential donors.
Sold Physical Items Handout report lists sold physical items to be picked up. Run this report after sale entry is complete just before the live auction. If it isn't on the report, it wasn't entered as a sale yet when the report was run (live items, for example) - if it prints on someone's statement (look for: "Winner Collects Item Tonight!") then it should go home with them.
Payments by Date Reconcile amounts received by date and payment type (cash/checks/credit/gift).
Payment detail Simple list of all payments showing date, member, amount, and type.
Sale Detail Lists all sales. You can select just one category or all categories. Note that this shows the total value of all sales entered, not just those that have also been paid for.
Sale Summary Summarizes all sales by date. You can select just one category or all categories. Similar to the above detail report, but just the 'bottom line' broken out by date of sale entry (help decide how many weeks to keep your after-sale going).
Duplicate Members Lists potential duplicate members (more than one with same phone) by last name, with internal ID. See Help on Fixing Duplicate Members for more info.
Unsold Items Remaining Unsold Items