Catalog Print Deadline

There is a new feature that will put a customizable message on the 'Thank You' page whenever a member makes a new donation or an edit to an existing donation after your print deadline has passed.

We already track the last update time of any item - so on the item spreadsheet you can download to make the catalog (or the addendum), you can sort the new items to the top and pay close attention to any differences that might exist - if they are more than simple cosmetic edits, you might want to include them in an addendum (date or venue changes, etc.)

The deadline is set in terms of a number of days before the event - by default the feature is turned off - to enable it, see the Internal Codes : LATE_MSG and LATE_MSG_DAYS settings.

The default message is also configurable (although notice we keep it 'generic' with respect to the current year to avoid having to update it yearly, so no specific deadline date appears) - the picture here shows what it would look like: