How to Proofread

The first step to proofread catalog items is to login with your volunteer password.

Go to the main auction website and click on the login link in the upper right corner:


On the login page, enter your phone number but then for the PIN, instead of your usual PIN, use the volunteer password.


You'll go back to the home page. Press the Catalog link near the top left:


This is where you can look for items to fix. Use the search feature, click on column titles to sort, or just go thru in the default order (newest entered on top). Once you find an item that looks like it needs to be edited, click on it's item number to go to the item screen:


You can change most anything. After you hit the big Save button, it will go back to the catalog page, but it will go back to the top. If you want to return to where you left-off, use the back button twice.

Other notes:

When users press the Save button, they get a different page that says thank-you for your donation. Make sure people know if they don't see that page, they need to keep trying (for example, it may have a red message complaining about missing information - in that case, they should fix whatever is wrong and try again, otherwise nothing will be saved.)

If you want to change the donor name, it isn't done thru the item edit screen. Instead, you can change the name of the member (fix spelling) by clicking on the member's name instead of the item number to get to the member's statement. From there, click the big blue Edit link to change their name.

If you want to change who donated an item from one member to another, you'll need the administrator password, not just volunteer. First make sure the member you want has been entered and find out it's internal member id number. Then, when you are editing the item, change the internal member Id to the desired Id.

As you edit items, it may be helpful to see what you've done in the past or what the original donor might have entered - there is a little History button on the item edit page next to the save button - it can show you what was changed when and by who.

Another thing to check is whether items have been marked properly as physical or not. Use the Catalog Grid view, and then pick either 'Physical Items' or 'Non-Physical Items' to see at a glance how each item is classified - this is the best way to proofread the
Winner takes it home auction night? (Tangible) checkbox on the item screen - having this set will make statements say 'Collect Item At Auction' on those items.