Requested Features

Can I put certain text (tax info) on statements?

Yes! See the "STATEMENT_INFO" Internal Codes. Only thing is, it's limited to 255 chars (including HTML format codes), which goes fast when you are trying to communicate something as complex as tax implications.. here's one suggestion:

DONATED ITEMS - No goods or services were provided for donations. Valuation is the responsibility of the donor.
PURCHASED ITEMS - No tax deduction is allowed unless price exceeds fair value.

Can I change colors?

Sort of, but it may not be worth the effort. On the home page, you can make a 'notice' with special -1 position that will give you access to the HTML section. If you know what that is, you know it gives you full control over the look and feel of the page elements that have CSS style names, which includes most everything. If that's all greek to you, then no, you can't change colors. And this technique (which can also be used to hide certain elements on the front page) only applies to the home page, not to any other pages.

Can we do advance bidding?

Yes! See Online Bidding. Or, you can still have guests that can't come appoint their own friend to bid for them - have them ask for a paddle.

Can we make a list of 'favorite' items? I want to make a budget and plan what to focus on.

You can now, yes! See Favorites. Keep those good ideas coming!!

What about some kind of audit trail?

Yes! See Audit Trail. Not a very visible feature to end users, but certainly very important. Sometimes several people get conflicting info about an item - it's nice to know what the history of edits has been to figure out the whole story. I'm not aware of any other auction management systems that offer this useful feature.

I want to put more things on the item form. How can I do that?

I just added a new Configurable Questions feature. It lets you define up to 5 questions and then which categories they apply to.

Is there any way to separate Business Donations from individual member donations?

Yes! There is a new checkbox near the bottom of the member edit page from the statement page so you can mark members as business. Most of the reports now allow you to include either businesses, individuals, or both.

Can you add an easier way to rotate images once they have been added?

Yes! New for 2018 there is a new Rotate button under the picture - it will save any changes and rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. Repeat as needed!