Checkout process

The CheckOut search works very much like the checkIn search with a few minor differences.

  1. Searching is optimized for paddle number - Often a member approaches holding their paddle up, so the search from this screen will expect that and won't match numbers from the phone like it does from the check-in page. So that lets you start your paddle numbers all the way down at 1 instead of 101. (For example, your area code is 614 and someone gets paddle 6 - you don't want all those members to come back here!)

  2. The search results show the total item count and donation count, with a place to enter the payment. What we suggest is to go ahead and enter the payment (ask if they are paying by check/card/cash) and only after saving it, click on the name to open the statement, and immediately start printing since that's usually the slowest thing. As it prints, you can scroll and read to them what's on there, and if there are any mistakes you can always just throw away the first printout, but usually it's fine and you can just collect payment and as you are finishing that you can hand them the paper from the printer. Definately test printing before checkout begins!

  3. You can also hide donations to make the statements shorter and thus print faster. If you have an after-auction wrap-up sale (as we do) this is also useful to avoid giving donors a buyer list that would not include those later sales - use the other option to print a donation-only statement and send those to your donors later.

  4. There is a new PERCENT_ITEM setting (see Internal Codes). This adds a link on the checkout search results that will add a credit card surcharge. A similar link (and a new Total With Credit Card Surcharge row) will appear on the statement itself. This lets you ask if the member paying by credit card wants to also pay the associated surcharge.