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Information about past Outages

The Idea that I put up a bunch of questions and answers from emails I’ve sent, but you can also feel free to ask new questions, add to my answers or answer someone else’s question. Use the search function (left side of this window) to look for your topic / question first before you add a page. This will be most useful if we keep things practical – take your cue from how I’ve named the pages in the list below… (I won't be offended if you re-arrange or edit them to improve clarity - that's the cool thing about Wikis).

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New for 2018 - Training Videos!

New Features for 2018

  • Co-donors!
  • You can copy/paste donations from a statement into an email
  • There is a one-click image rotage button to flip uploaded images around more easily
  • Configurable Questions let you mark items as Vegetarian Friendly, or even setup a jury process
  • You can mark members as inactive so they won't show up in searches
  • There is a new bid sheet format available for dinners
  • Fixed a minor bug in online bidding that would not accept an opening bid at the min price
  • Max length on item descriptions with countdown, with optional category exclusions
  • Prevent advance bids for live items or particular categories

New Features for 2017

  • You can add a credit card surcharge percent option so that when you ask people who are paying whether they'd like to add that fee they can easily do it.

Help Topics


  • Internal Codes - A reference to all the settings you can change (One of the most important pages you'll find here)