Online Catalog Search

The 'main' online catalog is the tab called 'Catalog'. It loads the entire catalog, and then shows it in a scrolling view where the column headers stay fixed at the top. You can also hit the 'show all' link to see a bit more items per page with the entire windows scrolling (I used to call this "printable view" since you can't print from the other view).

The 'Grid Catalog' (used to be called new catalog) is a way to explore the catalog with items shown in a main grid and selection columns down the left edge. I copied the idea from various online shopping sites I've seen. It has many links to choose items by category or by currently-logged-in user, live items, fixed price, ..etc, plus there is a search field (think google search) that lets you search by any part of the item name or description or donor name and it will find the items you want. (Except if they are hidden)

There is also a List view that lets you see the entire description for each item instead of cutting it off to fit in the small grid boxes.

Notice the 'Physical Items' and 'Non-Physical Items' categories - this is the best way to proofread the
Tangible Winner takes it home auction night?
checkbox on the items - having this set correctly will make statements more accurate and help with item checkout since it says 'Collect Item At Auction' on those items.