How to make a blank paper donation form

When you are collecting donations, members are very often accustomed to filling out a paper form.

Be sure to setup your categories first. If you have any categories you don't want to include (either because they are 'private' like the _Calendar Only category, or maybe just because you want to discourage (but not totally prevent) a certain category, use the Setup Categories page to mark those as not enabled to hide them from the item entry page.

Then, just go to the item entry page as if you were going to add a new item. (Doesn't matter which member you use).
Before you fill anything out, use your web browser's print function - it will make a nice blank paper form with an extra section at the top for member info. (You can do print-preview to see how it will look).

You can either print a large number of these, or photocopy them. This way, your handwritten forms will at least have their information in the same order as the online form where someone will have to actually enter them.

Also, when entering filled-out paper forms, it is NOT necessary to login as each member in order to enter their donations. Use the volunteer sign-in, and then use the check-in feature to locate members (or add them if they are not found), then use the add donation link near the top.