How do I select Live items

Live Items

Go to the admin menu and choose setup Auctions. Pick your current auction, and edit it.

You should see a screen like this:

That last line is where you put a list of your live items. After you do this, you will be able to print bid sheets for the other items and these won't get in the way. Also, you may want to print bid sheets (in order) for the live items too, to use to record bids during the live auction and have them carried to the computer sale entry area - that's if you can't dedicate a computer during the live auction to enter sales directly as they occur. (Live bid sheet 'runner' is a nice volunteer job for kids, by the way).

It may seem like not enough width to fit all the live items, however, if you use a larger word processor (notepad, whatever) and then Control-C to copy the list and Control-V to paste it in here, you'll see it fits just fine - your cursor can scroll horizontally thru the list.

The process of choosing a live ordering is usually directed by your auctioneer to establish a 'flow' for the event - big-ticket 'anchor' items near the front, middle, and end for example. In past years, we have taken scissors to a printed item-spreadsheet and arranged the strips into Live / Silent piles, then had the auctioneer physically sort the live strips, and I made the list of live item numbers from that to enter into the system after our meeting.